Alex M.
Vancouver, WA

I have NEVER had such a positive experience when shopping for a car. Not only were the cars high quality, but Sam and his brother Nathan were both beyond amazing to work with. Not once did me or my girlfriend feel nervous, or have any hesitation when working with either of them. They were very accommodating, honest, and attentive. We told them we wanted a pre-purchase inspection, which they were totally cool with, and they even delivered the vehicle to the shop of our choosing, as well as picked it up after the inspection was done. We would recommend anyone we know looking for a car to work with Sam and Nathan.

Diana L.
Choteau, MT
I was an out of state buyer (Montana) looking for a reasonably priced Subaru and Samuel was very helpful in coordinating my financing with the purchase papers using FAX, E-mail, US mail and a local family member.  I highly recommend Genuine Motor Co - the vehicle was all I was looking for and the transfer couldn't have gone any smoother.  There was never any high pressure selling and I also received the service records from the seller.  A ++++   in my book.  Thanks guys.  
AND if I'm ever in the market for another car, I'll definitely make a trip "out West" to look and see what these guys have on the lot.

Michael S.

Everett, WA
I really can't say enough about what a great car-buying experience this turned out to be!  It was the end of a long day of looking at vehicles, and I was getting ready to head back up to Seattle for the night.  On a last minute look, I saw a vehicle listed at Genuine Motor Co. That I had not seen earlier and planned for a visit.  It was 7:30pm on a Saturday... Figured that there was no way anyone would pick up the phone, let alone let us come by and check it out!  I was wrong.  Sam picked up the phone, answered my questions, and let us come by later that evening!  He was professional, honest, and passionate about his work... Certainly not the stereotypical "used car salesman".  We bought the vehicle for a very fair price, and drove it home that night!  Easy! Clean! No issues! No pressure!

Chris F.
Portland, OR

Had an excellent experience with Sam and Genuine Motor Company! My wife and I purchased a beautiful 03 Jetta that unfortunately had troubles shortly after purchasing. I called Sam immediately and he went right to work with the original owner to ensure that repairs would be made and paid for, and if it didn't work out assured us that he would make sure we were returned the full amount for the purchase. With the diligence of Sam working as the intermediary, the car eventually saw two mechanics, and even so the seemingly random issue was not discovered and we since moved away from the vehicle with a full and prompt return of our money. I feel since the issue was random that even the original owner, or the person performing the inspection, would have known about this, so this experience should not reflect on the quality of the cars hand picked by Genuine Motor Company.

I wish all dealers were as professional, courteous, understanding and prompt (not to mention honest!) as Sam and Genuine Motor Company. Thanks Sam!